Full computational reproducibility!

ReproZip can automatically pack your research along with all necessary data files, libraries, environment variables and options into a self-contained bundle. Then ReproZip can use that bundle to automatically set up the same original environment so anybody can reproduce the research on a different machine, without tracking down and installing the dependencies, or even having to run the same operating system!

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No lock-in

ReproZip works locally on your computer, server, or high performance computing clusters. Once you make an .rpz bundle, you can reproduce it with a variety of unpacker plug-ins (e.g. Docker, Vagrant, Singularity) or in the cloud with ReproServer.

Free & Open Source

The development of ReproZip has always been open source and free to use since the project began in 2013. We welcome and encourage anyone to submit pull requests or issues with any feature requests or bug reports!


ReproZip has been used to capture a wide variety of digital materials, from desktop applications and scripts in various languages to dynamic websites to high performance computing experiments. You can then reproduce your work across various OS's!